Lindsay’s House Tanzania

Our daughter Lindsay Ann Gray left us January 25 ,2007 in a tragic vehicle accident at the age of 22 years. The out pouring of generosity and love from family, friends and acquaintances was moving. Many included with their sympathy card a monetary donation to go where our family would like. I was given Jeanette Vatter’s name as a contact with the Community Foundation.

Several months had passed and I met with Jeanette as she had some ideas on where we could donate the funds in Lindsay’s name. Jeanette and I met in her office and one project was the Irente Orphanage in the town of Lushoto, Tanzania. I had explained to Jeanette that the week after Lindsay had died she was making a trip to Kenya to volunteer with a group that would be visiting several orphanages.

Jeanette described that Irente House was an orphanage for babies and children up to the age of two, whose families could no longer care at that time but with hopes of being reunited. The orphanage had built a building that they hoped to use as a school to educate the young ladies that helped care for the children. Jeanette and I discussed donating the money in Lindsays memory to this building to finish & equip it with desks , school uniforms for the girls etc.

I wanted to discuss this with Dean and see what he thought. So Jeanette proceeded to print a picture of the building for me. I must admit she was muttering to herself about her copier not working again. She printed the picture and the picture had printed out completely in PINK. What I hadn’t shared with you up to this point was that Lindsay’s favorite color was pink. She didn’t just like it, she loved it. Her car was even pink. So here I have in my hands this beautiful pink picture and Jeanette asking if she should print another? Absolutely not!

That was all it took, we had Lin’s blessing. The group from the Irente Orphanage gave us a lasting gift of naming the building Lindsay’s House. They even painted the class room pink. Dean and I along with some family went to Lushoto in 2009 and presented them with a picture of Linday which hangs in the class room today.

The community Foundation has been a wonderful vehicle for us to continue to contribute to the Irente Orphange as well as support our own community. We truly appreciate the guidance and compassion they have given us. Helping to keep our daughters memory alive. Monies from this Fund will be granted to Lindsay’s House in Lushoto.

We sincerely thank your generosity and kindness: Dean, Susan Gray and Family